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Books Exploring the Beaches of the World

On the beach, on the sands, a good book in hand, what could be better?  With the ocean breeze as your setting, a book could transport you anywhere else, but what if you were transported back to where you were, on a beach just like the one you are exploring now, with...

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Rainy Day Movies to Watch at the Beach

When it rain on the beach, it is just saddening, yet there is a silver lining for this common occurrence, and that is the movie that could be watched when not frolicking in the surf and sun.  Rainy day movies are usually more mellow and relaxing, but to each her own,...

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Beaches of the East Coast: Memories of Childhood

The eastern coast of the United States is known for many things, the warm Florida coastline, the grand capital of this country with its white marble monuments, and the freshly caught seafood from the multitude of beaches.  And that is what this post will cover, some...

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4 Summer Movies to Watch at the Beach

Watching a movie at the beach?  An idyllic activity, but will most likely be foiled by the ever present waves of salt water damaging your equipment.  Better get some waterproof...everything actually.  Bad humor aside, movies during a vacation at the beach are a good...

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Beaches Abroad: International Beaches to Explore

I have been discussing the Ocean City area for a while now, and I think it is time that I cross the vast seas and land on different shores.  Beaches outside of the United States have their own history, culture and character with an entire article needed just to...

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A Day in Ocean City

You can’t go through Ocean City in a day; the minimum requirement to see and do everything that this coastal town has to offer is at least two days.  However, this is just a list, a guide to what could be done on a brimming day of shining laughter and joyous fun....

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August 21, 2019, 2:53 pm