The Best Ocean City Activities

The Best Ocean City Activities

When you are visiting Ocean City, Maryland there is so much to see and do it is impossible to fit it all in one trip. So, how do you narrow down your options? Fortunately for you we have done the work for you and compiled this list of must see must do activities while visiting Ocean City.

It should go without saying that you need to spend a day at Ocean City’s world famous boardwalk. Enjoy some boardwalk food like Tony’s pizza and Thrasher’s fries. Get some funnel cake. The Polish ice is really good too. Go on some rides. The view from the ferris wheel should not be missed. The boardwalk also has a lot of great shops where you can buy souvenirs from your trip.

OC Beach Lights
While you are in Ocean City you should try to catch the OC beach lights. An Inflatable sphere that is five stories tall projects a visual laser, lighting, special effects, video and audio production. Each show is 8 minutes in length. You can see the show from the boardwalk. For more information and dates of the show call 800-626-2326.

Assateague Island
If you want to see Mother Nature at her finest you must take a day trip to Assateague Island. Located just 8 miles from Ocean City, Assateague is the perfect place to unwind. The best part about visiting Assateague is getting to see the wild ponies. They prance around the island and they are just beautiful. The park offers nature tours that are definitely worth taking. You can also bike or kayak while you are exploring Assateague.

There is tons of good food in Ocean City, Maryland. Grab a bucket of Fisher’s carmel popcorn. If you save the bucket you can get a cheap refill. Thrasher’s boardwalk fries are a must eat. A slice of Tony’s pizza while you are on the boardwalk. Get a cone of Kohr Brothers soft serve ice cream. The Polish ice is also a must try.

Rehobeth Beach
When you are visiting Ocean City, Maryland you must take a day trip to Rehobeth Beach. Downtown Rehobeth has great restaurants and it is a nice town for walking. You can also visit the outlet shopping and the plus is that Delaware has no sales tax. If you like shopping you will love Rehobeth.

Oceanic Fishing Pier
If you like to fish this is the place to go. There is always something biting. It can be crowded at times, but there is plenty of room for everyone to fish. There is a bait shop that has everything you need to get started. The pier is open 24 hours a day so you can fish whenever you like.

Frontier Town
If you want to spend your day on some rides while doing some Ocean City activities, check out Frontier Town. This family friendly amusement park has something for everyone. It’s western theme gives it a fun atmosphere. They even have wild west reenactments. You can camp here too, which is great fun for little ones.

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