The Boardwalk of Ocean City

The Boardwalk of Ocean City

When thinking of the beach, what is the one thing that everyone first thinks of?  The beach of course, with its white sands, clear waters and the multitude of activities that await a person as they step onto that happy bubble of surf and turf.  Yet, in Ocean City, Maryland there is another attraction that draws people to that beach as opposed to the many other beaches dotting the east coast.  The boardwalk of Ocean City is the primary draw for visitors of that coastal town, other than their amazing beach of course.  Being level with the soft sands, visitors can easily transverse from lounging between the sand and then the boards.  With its wide variety of activities for visitors to do and see, from shopping to entertaining, there is a place for everyone to find a smile on their face.  

Some of the more notable establishments on the Ocean City Boardwalk are Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy, Trimpers Rides, Jolly Roger at the Pier and the Ripley’s Museum.

Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy

Beginning its sweet journey in 1906 on the Ocean City boardwalk, Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy has had a consistent career in the creation of delicious taffy, fudges and caramels.  The store is still on the same spot as the original stand that was bought over a century ago.  Its now famous salt water taffy has been made daily on the premises in a near limitless variety of flavors and tastes.  Their fudges are made with the finest ingredients and always from scratch.  From classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla or peanut butter to more creative indulgences like chocolate sea salt caramel or death by chocolate, each bite will bring a memory of the magical shore.

Jolly Roger at the Pier

Moving on to a place that might make you wish you hadn’t stuffed yourself with all that delicious taffy and fudge, Jolly Roger at the Pier is one of the boardwalk’s great amusement parks.  The attractions range from the Power Surge for the daring members of the group to the Giant Ferris Wheel, which no trip to the boardwalk is complete without one relaxing ride of sweeping views of the beach and ocean waters.  As a long time favorite of the park’s guests, the Double Decker Venetian Carousel will transform you into a child once more, amid the sights and smells of the ocean blue.

The Ripley’s Museum

With its three different attractions, Ripley’s Museum will have everyone laughing at how much fun they are having.  In the Odditorium, patrons will marvel at the displayed shrunken head, a twelve-foot tall Transformer, some of the world’s rarest eggs and even two headed animals.  The Mirror Maze will have you never look at a mirror the same way again, as you try to find your way out of a maze of dead ends and infinite reflections, and the Impossible Laser maze will have you ducking and weaving through lasers to reach the exit.  It is an exciting way to burn off steam before relaxing at the beach by the boardwalk.  

The Boardwalk of Ocean City

Ocean City’s boardwalk has been named one of the best boardwalks in the country by the Travel Channel and it was ranked among the nation’s top ten boardwalks by USA Today, and these two achievements are well deserved by the eclectic array of activities to choose from in this setting of wood and sun, full to the brim with happiness and wonder.


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