Ocean City’s Past Holiday Events

Ocean City’s Past Holiday Events

We as people look at the past for a multitude of reasons, for knowledge, for comfort, for awe inspiring moments lost in time, but what about for simple fun?  Looking at Ocean City from its past celebrations and holiday events, I can safely say how exciting this setting of surf, sand and sun filled days of laughter is, and how these long celebrated holidays reflect this statement.  Let us take a stroll into Ocean City’s past holiday events.

Memorial Day

With this year’s Memorial day come and gone, it is funny to take a look at last year’s day of remembering those who have passed while serving in the armed forces.  Yet on a happier note, Memorial day is also the start of the summer season and when beaches open their shores for the masses of joyous families of all shapes and sizes in the connected enjoyment of a perfect day at the beach.  In remembrance, many of the events that were offered on this day were patriotic, as well as festive in tone.  The Spring Arts and Crafts Show featured garden accessories, florals, jewelry, wood crafts and other handmade items of quality.  For the children there was handmade chocolates and fudges with dipping sauces to buy and sample.  A more aesthetic event that was held was the OC Beach Lights show, held at the Oceanside beach inlet and displayed a special patriotic show and a five-story inflatable sphere that gave off visual lazar special effects.

4th of July

On the 4th of July, we as a country celebrate the birth of our nation with a tradition of fireworks and this is held up in spectacular glory at Ocean City.  People came from all over the country to celebrate this American holiday.  Past events on his day that have been celebrated are the Concert and Fireworks at Northside Park, a family friendly event with a nighttime concert and a fireworks display afterwards that was free to the public.  Another event was the Concert and Fireworks on the Beach, which was similar to the previous concert, just on the North Division Street beach.

Labor Day

With Labor Day marking the end of summer, it was a relief to see Ocean City go all out to bring their beach season to a close with a plethora of events.  There was the weekend Arts and Crafts Festival with a variety of crafters and artists who sold their wares.  The Wings and Wheels Festival featured private airplanes, custom cars and antique military cars for the people’s viewing pleasure.  All proceeds from the offered food and crafts were donated to the Huey Memorial.  For the charitable folk among us, this event would be splendid to visit if it is offered this August.  The Flounder Pounder Fishing Tournament should be visited again if just for the charming name alone.  Last year it was a family friendly event where participants could bring and fish from their own boat or rent a skiff, skimmer or a portion of a marina.  Lastly, the Frontier Town End of Summer Party was hosted by Frontier Town as a end of summer pool party.  There was dancing, a weenie roast and a sundae social last year.  It is assuring to see that Ocean City doesn’t slack on any of the three major summer holidays, and hopefully this summer will be better than the one before.

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