Beaches Abroad: International Beaches to Explore

Beaches Abroad: International Beaches to Explore

I have been discussing the Ocean City area for a while now, and I think it is time that I cross the vast seas and land on different shores.  Beaches outside of the United States have their own history, culture and character with an entire article needed just to discuss one of those beaches.  Yet I will only be sharing a sampling, a small selection of beaches that should be seen for the adventurer readers and travel thirsty people who lay anchor on this blog.

Dominican Republic – Caribbean

No there aren’t going to be any pirates here, although it would be amazing if Johnny Depp showed up, but there are stunning beaches to see.  According to Tripadvisor, these beaches rank at some of the best in the world with their stunning white sands and gorgeous blue water that sparkles in the sunlight.  Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and Barahona were mentioned on that site, as they cater to people who want to have a great time jet skiing and scuba diving, along with more relaxing activities of sipping drinks at a bar or laying on those warm beaches sunbathing.  

Maui – Hawaii

I know I am cheating on only my second one, but Hawaii is fairly far away from the rest of the United States and could be considered abroad if you squint real hard.  Anyway, Maui has thirty miles of beaches of many different colors besides the common shining white.  There are black and red beaches that are cooled by the tropical trade winds.  These beaches are eclectic enough to suite any beachgoer’s taste from secluded secret spots of romance to pulsing stretches of sand that are bursting with restaurants and people from every walk of life.  

Sydney – New South Wales, Australia

Now we are traveling very far, across a mighty sea to the continent of Australia.  Sydney has beaches that are a half an hour from the downtown area, which makes a great location for people both interested in the relaxation of the sea and the energy of the urban city.  Bondi Beach, famed in the area, lets in 40,000 people on their busy weekends, but if you are of the calmer variety, Coogee Beach has the distance that you are looking for.  

Bora Bora – Society Islands, French Polynesia

Even though Bora Bora is a small setting compared to the previous destinations on this list, it’s beaches offer a large amount of activities to enjoy.  For the brave, there is a 4×4 safari and for the less so, there is sunbathing and swimming on white sands.  For magical experiences, try diving in a natural underwater park, swimming through corals with the fishes.  Finally on a vast contrast, you could feed sharks for the heart racing thrills or take a ride by boat around the blue lagoon of this wonderful island.  


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