Beaches of the East Coast: Memories of Childhood

Beaches of the East Coast: Memories of Childhood

The eastern coast of the United States is known for many things, the warm Florida coastline, the grand capital of this country with its white marble monuments, and the freshly caught seafood from the multitude of beaches.  And that is what this post will cover, some of the best beaches of the east coast.

Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts

Known as an affluent summer colony, this island located near Cape Cod Massachusetts is swarming with beach goers and sightseers in the summer months, but for people more inclined toward quieter venues, escape can be had in the island’s far eastern reaches like “up island” as the locals have been known to call it at Moshup Beach.  It is tucked underneath the Gay Head Cliffs, which is named after the Wampanoag Tribe of Gay Head Native Americans.  Accessible by a ten minute walking trail, Moshup Beach is made into an isolated paradise for the people on the quieter side or people who want to experiment with less clothes on than what is normally considered appropriate at a beach setting.  

Cape May – New Jersey

With its Victorian houses and colorful and quaint bed and breakfasts, Cape May is the crown jewel of the southernmost point of the New Jersey shoreline.  The town of Cape May was founded in 1620 as the nation’s oldest seaside resort and is one of the few places in the United States where the sun rises and also sets on the water.  

Nantucket – Massachusetts

Visualized as picturesque, postcard gold, Nantucket is a community of weathered gray shingled houses and is surrounded by wild roses.  As a former whaling community, Nantucket is thirty miles south of the other well known setting in Massachusetts, Cape Cod.  It became rich in the 1800s and is still relevent 200 years later as people from both New York and Boston still visit the beaches for vacations and sightseeing.  

Outer Banks – North Carolina

I have actually set my toes on the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  I still have memories of long hours in the car reading the last Harry Potter book while traveling with bubbling childhood excitement to the Outer Banks with my parents for a week of fun in the sun.  It stretches for a whopping 130 miles on the Atlantic coast as a strip of barrier islands that are famous for their high sandy dunes and frothy surf on one side and quiet sound on the other.  Duck is an upscale residential rental community that is geared toward the old-school family tradition that I remember with such fuzzy clarity after a decade of absence on this remarkable beach.  


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