A Day in Ocean City

A Day in Ocean City

You can’t go through Ocean City in a day; the minimum requirement to see and do everything that this coastal town has to offer is at least two days.  However, this is just a list, a guide to what could be done on a brimming day of shining laughter and joyous fun.  Give me your hand, and let me lead you down this rabbit hole of blue skies and bluer seas toward a day in Ocean City

The Beach

Starting off this comprehensive list, is the one destination that could easily take up an entire day, and you wouldn’t even feel the time flying away.  With ten miles of pristine beaches that are clean and totally free to use, the beach at this oceanfront treasure is an experience that would be a crime to miss.  Ocean City has a modest population of just over 7,000, but then this number swells to 300,000 during the summer months, so if you visit during this swollen season, be aware of how many people you will run into when this mesh of individuals all come together in the connected interest of having a great time.  Some suggestions on activities are surfing or boogie boarding in the greenish blue waters, building sandcastles and unlocking your inner childhood wonder and creativity, or lounging under an umbrella reading that perfectly chosen beach read that has been collecting dust on your bookshelf.  There is also the simple yet satisfying exercise of walking along the ebbing shoreline, being touched by the cool water and bathed in the milky cream foam.

The Boardwalk

The twin of the well known beaches of Ocean City, the boardwalk is the other primary draw for visitors of this sea bred community.  Level with the sands, it is quite easy to switch between the boards and the surf just a few steps away.  It is lined with shops and restaurants like the deliciously sweet Dolle’s Salt Water Taffy Candy shop, Jolly Roger at the Pier, an awesome blast of an amusement park with both modern high speed rides and vintage rides that bring back childhood nostalgia, and finally the weird and wackiness of the Ripley’s Museum.  There is a multitude of restaurants for every taste palate and every age just steps off the boardwalk, as well as many on the boardwalk itself.

Water Sports

As mentioned, one activity to do on either the beach or boardwalk is the many water sports practiced by both visitors and locals alike.  The primary water sport is surfing, like it is in many beach communities and there are many places on the boardwalk and also in town where visitors can rent their own boards and also get lessons for the people who could use the instruction.  Some other water sports are parasailing for the folks seeking some thrills and also paddle and windsurfing for those who enjoy a slower and relaxing pace.  Canoeing and kayaking are perfectly paired with the naturally beautiful backdrop of the local area.

A Day in Ocean City, these are just a few of the many exciting and wonderful things that can be done during one day at Ocean City Maryland.

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