A Book is worth a Thousand Words

A Book is worth a Thousand Words

Ocean City has had a rich history, one that has been discussed in more than one post on this very website, yet several other writers have given their time to research such a remarkable city that swells in the warmer months and simmers in the cooler ones.  This article will feature a small list of some of the books detailing information on Ocean City Maryland.  

Ocean City, New Jersey by Mark McLaughlin

This book, wrapped in a paper map of vintage photographs, celebrates the stories that postcards tell during their soaring golden age of popularity of the 1900s.  It is a collection of over 200 of the best vintage postcards taken in Ocean City and New Jersey from 1879 through 1950, and it is a testament to the immeasurable tales that these two beach settings have in their long history.  Ocean City, New Jersey was published by Arcadia Publishing.  

Ocean City’s Historic Hotels by Fred and Susan Miller

Also published by Arcadia Publishing, Ocean City’s Historic Hotels, written by two experienced authors who have written five books about Ocean City, describes the history of the hotels that now populate the resort town by the sea and how they were integral to the city’s eventual success.  It details the rise of the famous Flanders Hotel, which opened to great applause in 1923, built in the Spanish mansion revival style and named after Belgium Flanders Field.  Ocean City’s Historical Hotels features a rich history in architecture and recreational of this coastal town.

Old Ocean City:  The Journal and Photographs of Robert Craighead Walker, 1904-1916 by C. John Sullivan and Robert C. Walker

This book, a journal and photo album combined, escorts the reader to a different time, a different age, back in time to early 1900s Ocean City.  As you take a walk through the vacations that the Walker family experienced, the Walker’s son, Robert, kept a leather-bound journal that detailed all his family adventures on their vacations from 1912 through 1916.  Their summers were to enjoy the sea, hunt wildlife, fish and picnic, and in 1908, they purchased a lot where they built a hunting lodge that became a cottage by 1910.  This cottage, named “Romarletta” is still owned by the family.  In this book, Mr. Sullivan combines his own commentary with excerpts from Robert’s journal and more than one hundred family photos collected.  These photos were discovered in 1994 in a sweltering attic in Maryland, noted by Sullivan.  

The Books mentioned are just a miniscule sampling of some of the great nonfiction books detailing the bustling setting that is Ocean City.  From, Photographs, to history, to an old journal illuminating a time lost to progress, these books will delight and inform and help shape the multifaceted place of their setting.  


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