Barbecue Recipes to Whet your Appetite

Barbecue Recipes to Whet your Appetite

Barbecuing fits into a beach day as easily as fingers in a glove and are delicious to boot.  With so many recipes to be recommended and revisited, it can be difficult to pick out the next menu for your next trip to the barbeque by the ocean.  So, here a few to try out the next time you are on the beach hungering for the smoky and sweet taste of barbecue.  

Clam Bake

This recipe represents the classic fun of seafood all baking together, mixing and simmering in their own juices and cooling by the ocean waves, eaten by delighted family members and life-long friends.  It is the most fun you can have with seafood and a general guide to the chief in the family.  Mix and match and experiment with your favorite seafood, but make sure all of it is fresh.  You don’t want stomach aches at the end of such a great time.  Serve with white wine to complete the meal.

Pineapple Chicken Tenders

These little morsels are a great appetizer or light dinner to share with others.  The uniqueness of the dish in and of itself will draw the crowd.  The small amount of ingredients are good for beginners and the longer cooking time will allow for fun in-between the work of assembly and flavoring and the succulent cooking of the meaty chicken.  

Wisconsin Bratwurst

This recipe is the only way to cook bratwurst in Wisconsin with incredibly tasty samples of meat.  If available, get fresh bratwurst at a local sausage shop.  It is worth the slightly extra cost and commitment.  Serve these delicious meats on a substantial hoagie roll with stone ground brown mustard.  Never serve the bratwurst on simple hot dog buns, they won’t be able to handle all this meatiness.  Add some warm sauerkraut and ketchup to complete this flavorful meal.

Hawaiian Coleslaw

Now for a side dish to finish the article up.  The Hawaiian Coleslaw is perked up with the addition of mandarin oranges and crushed pineapple with the spices of ginger and nutmeg.  The simple recipe of tossing all the ingredients together in only two stages, makes this dish perfect for in-between prep work and the heating of your main dish.  

When you get a chance, try these dishes and see what comes about.  Will your family enjoy them, will they become the next sought after recipe from friends and neighbors?  There is only one way to find out.  The beach brings people together, and hopefully these recipes will have the same effect on the loved ones around you.  

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