Books Exploring the Beaches of the World

Books Exploring the Beaches of the World

On the beach, on the sands, a good book in hand, what could be better?  With the ocean breeze as your setting, a book could transport you anywhere else, but what if you were transported back to where you were, on a beach just like the one you are exploring now, with your body and eyes.  Below are some books that are set on the beach, by the seas of distant shores and ones only a few feet away.


by Peter Benchley

The book that inspired Steven Spielberg to create his blockbuster classic of the same name, and the one where you might not want to step into the water that laps at your feet, while you sink you teeth into this terrifying relentless piece of classic fiction.

The Pearl

by John Steinbeck

Speaking of classic literature, John Steinbeck created a truly classic story of simplicity.  It tells of the poor pearl diver Kino who ekes out a meager existence for himself, his wife Juana and their infant son.  Yet one day, just like any other, he finds a pearl as big as a sea gull’s egg.  With this pearl comes the hope of a better life and security.  Basing his tale on Mexican folklore, Steinbeck writes of man’s greed, the depths of evil and the luminous possibilities of love.  

Home Front

by Kristin Hannah

The theme of love and the theme of hope can come from a classic novel of yesterday’s time and also in an honest look at the modern American family.  Home Front details the dramas and trials of an ordinary American family dealing with an unexpected deployment and unexpected single parenting.  It explores the theme of love, yet also loss, heroism, duty, honor and the ultimate hope of perseverance.  

Birds of Paradise

by Diana Abu-Jaber

Family and the ripping and repairing of such a sought after treasured part of human life, is the theme of this book.  Set against the vivid beaches of contemporary Miami, Birds of Paradise tells a story about the finding of self, self indulgence, generosity and the binding of family, centered on a young girl at the crossroads of her life.  Each of her family members, including her parents, will be forced to confront their own betrayals and regrets, as their daughter faces the dark secret that first drove her away from their presence.  

The Swiss Family Robinson

by Johann David Wyss

Circling back to the classics, The Swiss Family Robinson is a story of survival and the bonds of family.  Similar to the previous two books, this tale concerns a family who must rely on each other to overcome adversity.  From the famously dire opening lines, this story is a timeless adventure and the utilization of individual skills from the four members of the Robinson family stranded on a fantastical deserted island after a ferocious storm shipwrecks them.  First published at the beginning of the nineteenth century, this classic tale of a truly authentic family is still beloved and read in the modern age.  


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