Campfire Recipes for the Inner Child in Us All

Campfire Recipes for the Inner Child in Us All

After the sun has set and the air cools down, what better way to complete a fantastic day at the beach than sitting around a warm campfire and cooking a scrumptious meal.  Below is a list of some fun and interesting recipes to try the next time you get tired of the same old pickings over a fire.

Traditional Recipes

Smores, the quintessential campfire treat and a classic one too.  Take a marshmallow, heat it by the flame until golden brown or burnt, whatever your preference, sandwich the marshmallow in-between two graham crackers and a bit of chocolate.  The chocolate will melt along with the warm marshmallow in your mouth.  Hot Dogs, roasting on the open fire, savory smells mixing with the natural burn smells calls upon picturesque memories of camps of smiling children and deep woods walked upon by the footfalls of a family bonding together around a fire.  

Recent Recipes

For these, don’t look to the traditional, but to the new and innovative.  The Sheepherder’s Breakfast is a great way to start a day of running, canoeing and adventuring.  It is a one dish casserole that when served with juice, coffee or toast could be a great hit with the breakfast crowd.  The Campfire Haystacks is a layered dish that is quick and easy to mix together with chilli, corn chips and sliced ripe olives among other tasty ingredients.  BBQ Hot Dog and Potato Packs are foil packs, stuffed with hot dogs, potato wedges, onions and cheese, drizzled with BBQ sauce and cooked until heated through.  Small hands make light work of these tasty bundles.  This next one requires a Dutch oven, but the Cake and Berry Campfire Cobbler will be so yummy it will be worth the extra cooking implement.  Topped with a generous scoop of ice cream, this recipe will leave you content after a long day of fishing and boating.  Finally, the Banana Boats are banana peels filled with the banana meats, marshmallows (returning to marshmallows of the traditional), and chocolate chips.  Heat the boats over the open flame with tin foil covering the bananas until the marshmallows have melted and are golden brown, then take a spoonful and enjoy.  
With these scrumptious recipes in mind, your day at the beach will be more savory and sweet with a belly full of these tasty delights.  With the ocean breeze blowing up the cooking smells, your morning, afternoon and night will be made much more delicious.  

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