Shows to Binge on a Rainy Day: Mood and Melancholy

Shows to Binge on a Rainy Day: Mood and Melancholy

Rainy days are the bane of all beach goers.  As unpredictable as tragedy, when it rains the beach dissolves into an ominous slug that transforms into a photograph of quietude when the rain ceases to fall and everywhere is left in silence.  Beauteous and melancholy, nature finds a way to spend the day, but after taking in the changeability of the natural world, you are left with a simple pondering, what to do on such a rainy day?  As watching TV never fails, these recommendations on shows to binge will have you binging the day away until the stars shine through the cloud roof of sky.

The Twilight Zone

“You’ve just crossed over into the Twilight Zone.” With these famous lines Rod Serling delivers an anthology series that after over fifty years, has remained one of the great TV shows of the last age.  Its chilling music and devilishly intelligent twists create a world that you won’t want to leave, until the end of an episode that sends you shakily changing the show on Netflix for fear of harboring a similar fate of the episode’s introduced characters.  Yet you won’t change the playing show, as the desire to see the next episode, to find the next twist, will leave you enraptured to your TV screen, until the inevitable lighting and thunder wakes you from the magnetic pull of the Twilight Zone.

House of Cards

With Kevin Spacey chewing every scene, this political and ruthless online series will make you scream aloud and eagerly click the next episode after that nail ripping cliffhanger.  Watch for the drama and continue watching for the cast of characters that make the White House an even more interesting place to envision.

Mad Men

It is a slow burn of methodical masterwork.  From the painstakingly detailed characters to the period specific set pieces, this show will keep you coming back as the rain that taps your window is silenced by the teleportation that sends you into another era of the world that has long been snuffed out by time.

Penny Dreadful

It ended with a poem.  So fitting and so right, this show’s themes and story points were knitted so tightly that the quilt produced is beautiful, simply beautiful.  Set in Victorian London, Penny Dreadful follows the exploits and drama of literature’s most classic of characters as they walk a journey of faith, forgiveness, life and death.  From Doctor Victor Frankenstein’s Creature that has the soul of a poet, to the Wolfman and his mysterious past and his kindness that trickles into the mouths of the most needed, the characters will enamor you to watch and pray for their safe reunion.  The first two seasons are now available on Netflix instant stream and the third season having just concluded will be available later in the year.


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