Summer TV Shows for an Indoor Summer Day

Summer TV Shows for an Indoor Summer Day

You wouldn’t normally think of watching TV as something to do during your stay at the beach, except on the hopefully occasional rainy day, but when you are home from your stay at the beach and when you long to go back to those sunny shores of no cares, no calls and no concerns, these shows will bring you back to that bright spot without you having to leave your living room.  Here are a few shows that are reminiscent of summer and all those beautiful times that encompass that endless mirage of pleasantness.  


This new show from the station that brought you Penny Dreadful and The Tudors, concerns the instant familial relationships of a group of roadies working behind the scenes to make sure that a rock and roll band’s tour across the United States goes on without a hitch.  The crazy fun antics that ensue are a reminder of all the insane possibilities that summer brings out in even the most level headed of us.  This show, created by Cameron Crowe, stars Luke Wilson, brother of Owen Wilson and Carla Gugino.

Switched at Birth

This ABC Family original drama follows two teenagers who were switched at birth and must navigate the changing family structures that this tremendous discovery brings about.  Various parts of the show’s long run of four seasons take place in the summer and are as limitless as the summers of our teenage years, when everything is possible.  Although no beaches are seen as of yet, this thoughtful tale will have you meditating the next time you are ever by the calming waters of the sea.


Set on the Hamptons’ glistening shores of ice cold water, this loose adaptation of The Count of Monte Cristo features a young woman hell bent on avenging her lost father and stolen life.  In this sizzling drama from both the setting and the attractive men and women, Revenge will captivate you into a dramatic adventure of your own self discovery.  Only try to not do anything illegal in the process.  This show stars Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann and Henry Czerny.  
With summer coming to a close and one last blast of boiling temperatures, there is still time for one final adventure on the shores and surf in the fine setting of Ocean City.  There is still time for one last possibility before the cool fall breezes create their own set of opportunities that can be as limitless as the summer months that these shows emulate.

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