Driving Directions to Ocean City, MD

Ocean City, Maryland is located a short drive from the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Washington, D.C, Maryland and Virginia.

From Philadelphia, Trenton and New York:

  • Take I-95 south headed toward Northern Delaware.
  • Use Exit 4B for the Christiana Mall.
  • Get onto Delaware Route 1 and head south toward Dover, Delaware.
  • Follow U.S. Route 113 after it splits from Delaware Route 1 south of Dover, Delaware.
  • Continue on U.S. Route 113 south into Maryland.
  • Go east on U.S. 50 until you reach Ocean City, Maryland.

From Washington, D.C. and Virginia:

  • Take the Capital Beltway until you get to exit 19A.
  • Take Exit 19A.
  • Follow U.S. 50 east headed toward Annapolis.
  • Cross the Bay Bridge and head straight into Ocean City, Maryland.

From Western Maryland:

  • Get on I-70 east headed toward Baltimore.
  • Follow I-70 east until Exit 91 south.
  • Get on the Baltimore Beltway (I-695) headed toward Annapolis.
  • Take Exit 4.
  • Get on I-97 south toward Annapolis.
  • Continue on I-97 south until Exit 1.
  • Go East on U.S. 50.
  • Stay on U.S. 50 east. Cross the Bay Bridge into Ocean City, Maryland.


New York City          250 miles           5 hours

Trenton, NJ               200 miles           4 hours

Philadelphia              150 miles           3 hours

Washington, D.C.     150 miles           3 hours

Richmond, VA           250 miles           5 hours

Baltimore                            150 miles           3 hours

Hagerstown, MD      206 miles           4 hours

Pittsburgh, PA          350 miles           7 hours

June 25, 2019, 7:17 am